For the fourth straight year, you'll hear the Marshall Tucker Band as the voice behind Busch Beer, and MTB's lead vocalist Doug Gray talked to Ultimate Classic Rock about it.

In the beer company's latest commercial for its 2012 national campaign, 'Head for the Mountains,' southern rock fans are sure to recognize the background music: MTB's early 70's hit 'Can't You See,' which plays throughout to bring a sense of comfort and joy to the simple pleasures in life -- including, of course, cracking open a nice cold one.

"A lot of people do endorsements, and if you’ve been around long enough, a lot of people appreciate you and understand who you really are," Gray tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "I think the band has represented Busch beer for lots of reasons. First of all because we drink a lot of it [laughs]! Secondly, it has been my pleasure to go out and play and for their executives and people like that who just love the band."

Gray says he and his bandmates consider it an honor that Busch "went with somebody who wasn’t quite as big as they could’ve gotten," explaining, "I think they went and took a chance on Marshall Tucker Band because it has proven to be quite successful for them, or we wouldn’t still be out there with them. We’re as much proud to be with them as they are."

"Their audience is letting them know," he continues. "There’s other people who want us to endorse, and a lot of times, there’s just one special one that comes along that you want to stick with and that you want to be known with, and for us, that’s Busch. That’s what we did it for. It’s still going, and this can go on forever. We are a band that plays to the beer-drinking crowd, so it fits with our audience more than anything we could’ve done."

Jay W. Berendzen, brand manager for Busch, adds, "The Marshall Tucker Band has become a staple in Busch TV commercials over the past four years. [They] and Busch Beer can both boast a passionate fan base, and we’re excited to be featuring such a great classic rock song again in 2012."

The Marshall Tucker Band’s 'Can’t You See' is currently used in two of the company’s 30-second national television spots promoting Busch Beer and Busch Light. Check out the new commercial below.

Watch the Marshall Tucker Band 'Can't You See' / Busch Beer 2012 Commercial