Marilyn Manson has revealed what appears to be a clip from a video for the song “Tattooed in Reverse” that features Courtney Love.

He tweeted a brief scene that shows him in a wheelchair, being pushed through a doorway by the Hole frontwoman, who's dressed as a nurse. “Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse?” he wrote in the accompanying comment. “Oh shit … I did.”

“Tattooed in Reverse” appears on Manson’s most recent album Heaven Upside Down, which was released in October. It had originally been called SAY10, but Manson changed plans following a late round of songwriting.

“It became a record that didn't take as long as it seemed like it did,” he told Loudwire. “I think the record came out when I intended it to. I thought it was finished back in February, but it would not have had ‘Revelation #12,’ ‘Heaven Upside Down’ or ‘Saturnalia.’ Those are the three of the most key songs that really tell the story. The lyrics were all written, but I had not found a home for them. Those three songs, they take place as if it were a film. The three acts — it's the opening, it's the middle and then it's the ending.”

The video for "Tattooed in Reverse" will supposedly be released soon. Manson recently posted a selfie featuring himself and Love, along with the caption “Taking shit back.”

He also recently announced a U.S. tour with Rob Zombie, The Twins of Evil: The Second Coming Tour 2018, that will start on July11 in Detroit and end on Aug. 29 in Irvine, Calif. These new dates follow the shock rockers’ road trip together in 2012. Manson's world tour in support of Heaven Upside Down is set to continue in Mexico on May 5.

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