It's been a hectic couple of weeks for Lemmy Kilmister and the Motorhead crew. With various health scares -- ranging from the maybe-serious to the even-more-serious -- putting a stop to the band's summer touring schedule, and no real confirmation of what's really going on, fans have been speculating on the condition of the 67-year-old frontman.

No need for concern, says Lemmy. In a post to fans on his Facebook site, the indestructible rocker (who'll outlive us all, just wait and see) says everyone can stop worrying. "I'd like to thank everyone who wish me well," he writes. "It was a tough decision for me, as I don't like to disappoint the fans, especially in times where economy is bad and people spent their money to see us. But sometimes you can't do anything else than following doctor's orders. Be sure we will be back and kick everybody's ass."

Lemmy's statement is preceded by two introductory paragraphs addressing the recent health scares and cancellations. They really don't clear anything up, merely informing fans, once again, that "Lemmy had some medical maintenance for the long-term good."

Following Lemmy's personal message, there's a final note to fans, which basically amounts to "chill the f--- out": "There you have it! You can now stop worrying, redirect those cards, flowers and chocolates to a loved one (who will appreciate them far more), keep calm and carry on! Lemmy and Motorhead certainly are!"

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