Lee Koch, a 27-year-old baker from Temecula, Calif., cooked up a rendition of the Bob Dylan classic 'Like a Rolling Stone' on tonight's episode of NBC's singing competition 'The Voice.'

Koch, a hip-looking cat with a curly blond hair and a beard, explained that he gave up his music career to work at a friend's bakery. But he stressed that music was still his true passion.

"I love baking, but I'd like to be a musician who bakes, not a baker who pursues music," explained Koch before his blind audition.

Koch, dressed like an old-school folk-singer, certainly looked the part as he tackled 'Like a Rolling Stone.' With a soulful twang to his voice and guitar in hand, he delivered a solid rendition of the Dylan tune, complete with harmonica playing. It didn't look promising for Koch for the first minute, but eventually Christina Aguilera hit her approval button, landing the baker a spot on the pop superstar's team.

What do you think of Koch's performance? Watch it below and let us know if it was solid as 'stone' or softer than a fresh-baked 'roll.' And if you want to hear more from Lee Koch, check out his official site here.

Watch Lee Koch Perform Bob Dylan's 'Like a Rolling a Stone' on 'The Voice'

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