Days after bassist Jimmy Bain's sudden death, Last in Line guitarist Vivian Campbell says the band will go on with plans to tour in support of the band's upcoming debut album, Heavy Crown.

"We're very sad to have lost him," explained Campbell in an interview with Linea Rock, which you can listen to above. "But I know that Jimmy believed very much in the new record and that he would want us to continue to play and to play the Frontiers Festival. And we'll continue to do that. We'll play it in his honor."

Bain, who passed away Jan. 23, had been undergoing treatment for pneumonia; after he died, doctors discovered he'd been battling an undiagnosed case of lung cancer. Now, explained Campbell, the band is left with the extremely difficult decision of who'll take Bain's place in the lineup.

"That's a heavy decision for us to make. It has to be someone that is appropriate and someone that does tremendous respect to Jimmy Bain's legacy," said Campbell. "We have a few ideas, but it's obviously very early days yet. We don't even really want to think about that just yet. It's not something we want to dwell on right now. We're still mourning the death of Jimmy."

Calling Bain "a trooper 'til the end," Campbell expressed confidence that he would have wanted Last in Line to carry on in his absence: "We do know that Jimmy would want us to promote this record and to continue, and we will do so. But it's also very important that we make a careful decision as to who will play bass moving forward."

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