Like the other members of Last in Line, guitarist Vivian Campbell is still processing his emotions after the death of bassist Jimmy Bain — and even though he hasn't come out and said the band is finished, he's having a hard time seeing a way forward.

Campbell discussed the subject of Last in Line's future during a recent interview with My Global Mind, saying the band had canceled a planned tour in the wake of Bain's death and would only be performing a handful of dates — specifically, the Frontiers Festival in April and Rocklahoma in May — with a replacement bassist they've yet to select. After those shows, the future sounds decidedly uncertain.

"It’s weird to think about performing without Jimmy, as he was so much a part of the process. It was reuniting the original Dio band and the chemistry is to never be replaced," said Campbell. "I personally don’t subscribe to the feeling that you can replace a musician; we are unique, like our fingerprints. Where we play, where we don’t play, how we play, the spaces we leave and our timing. The tonality we each have is very individual, every musician is very unique. It’s going to be different; it’s never going to be the same. We believe in the project, the record, and we will work it to some extent."

Whatever happens next, the group at least managed to complete an album, Heavy Crown, that Campbell feels not only recaptured the chemistry the band members enjoyed while they were in Dio, but allowed him to express "naturally what I do" while taking their interplay to a new level.

"It’s about the chemistry in the band and it’s difficult to image Jimmy not being there. We each push and pull each other in certain way and that makes us play the way we do," said Campbell. "We were making a straight up rock record. We did it very easily and very naturally, as that’s just what we do."

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