For many of us, the recorder is just a silly little piece of plastic that outlived its usefulness the minute we were finished with grade school band classes. But for one brave jazz hero driving the streets of Los Angeles, it's also a powerful weapon against traffic-induced boredom.

Gawker brings us word of this legend in the making, who's been captured in various smartphone videos adding his wicked recorder stylings to a list of songs that includes — as you can see in the clip above — ZZ Top's "La Grange." Turn up your volume, hit play and prepare to experience Texas boogie like it's never been boogied before.

Sadly, the identity of this brilliant musician has yet to be publicly revealed. The above clip is simply (and accurately) titled "the legend," and although Gawker's report collects YouTube testimonials from a number of people who commented with their personal stories of seeing him in action (sample: "I’ve seen this guy driving around Pasadena. He literally has no f---s").

But according to one commenter, our recorder-blasting star may be their father — and the story of how he ended up tooling around Southern California while playing along with the radio may not be as happy as we'd hope. "Dad has always been a, well, 'artistic' kind of a guy. In the late '80s he was in a jazz band that toured with Kenny G," reads their post. "He was a big fan of acid jazz, which is why you hear him playing that wild style. Sadly, my mother divorced him in 1996 because of his weird behavior and lack of money. I think it was the right decision. I still see him sometimes, but he lives in tiny apt on Fair Oaks which smells like cat. Nice enough guy though, wouldn’t hurt a fly."

Whoever this man is, here's hoping he never stops playing — and that the next time ZZ Top roll into L.A., they track him down and invite him onstage.

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