Kiss will release the fourth edition of their popular 'Kissology' DVD box set in time for Christmas, according to drummer Eric Singer. 'Kissology IV' will reportedly pick up where the last volume of the chronologically-themed concert archive series left off, focusing largely on the band's most recent decade together.

Singer tells that guitarist Tommy Thayer, who put together many of Kiss's previous home video collections before joining the band himself in 2002, has been compiling footage for the project. He also reveals that they're aiming to pack a very generous 12 hours worth of video into the set this time around.

The only concert Singer could confirm will be featured in the collection is a 2009 show from Detroit's Cobo Hall, but fans of the band's classic era will be happy to hear 'Kissology IV' won't stick strictly to the masked marvels' last ten years: "There is some old vintage stuff on there that they had been trying to find." Could we finally get a full-length concert from their first unmasked 'Lick it Up' tour?

Next year looks to be a typically busy one for Kiss, starting with the group's next studio album: "It will be completed in the next couple of months. The plan is to put it out at the beginning of the year and to do a tour with a new stage and maybe even new costumes. There's no plans to sit around in 2012.'



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