Kiss and Archie comics -- together at last? That's the unlikely pairing that is coming together for a four-part series of comic books titled, appropriately, 'Archie Meets Kiss.'

Due out later this year, the full-sized comic books reportedly will feature Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and the rest of the band as they save the Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead crew from the threat of invading monsters. How did this even happen? Not surprisingly, turns out that the always-enterprising Simmons dreamed it up.

“One day, I was lucky enough to get a call,” explains Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics and a self-described “crazy Kiss fan." Simmons flew to Los Angeles with his latest ingenious merchandising pitch, and Goldwater dug it immensely. “His ideas were extremely inspiring, and we thought it would be a wonderful thing for Archie,” Goldwater beamed.

But doesn't this break the well-defined, highly-sanctioned rules governing the intermingling of masked rockers and fictional teenaged comic book characters?

As Simmons puts it, “Kiss has always broken the rules and will continue to do so. We write our own rules. We are Kiss. Archie has stood the test of time. And Kiss is the juggernaut of  them all. This is a ground breaking moment for anyone wanting to rock 'n' roll all nite and party every day."

Well said, Simmons. Fans looking to rock 'n' roll with Archie and Kiss need to wait until Nov. 30, when the first book hits stores.

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