Because just one movie starring Kevin James as a buffoonish security guard wasn't enough for America, now we have 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2' on the way ... and judging from the trailer, Kiss will somehow work their way into the story.

You can catch a glimpse through the recently released trailer above -- two and a half minutes of James clowning his way through the presumed comedic highlights of a plot that sends his character to Vegas, where he somehow ends up leading the charge against a freaky-eyed kingpin hellbent on robbing the city.

Along the way, Blart punches an elderly housekeeper, is assaulted by a bird and manages to find time for a Kiss concert -- although as you can see from the screenshot below, that ain't Kiss up on the stage:


Maybe the real band members are being held captive in a vault somewhere and Blart has to rescue them (not that Gene Simmons would mind spending some quality time with tons of cash and valuables). Those of you who go for this kind of thing will find out next April, when 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2' arrives in theaters. For everyone else, there's still the 'Ocean's Eleven' movies.

You Think You Know Kiss?