Kiss fans waiting impatiently for a follow-up to 2012's 'Monster' LP will get a little something to tide them over in January, although it may not sound anything like the band they've come to know and love.

According to the official Kiss website, the group has teamed up with Momoiro Clover Z, a hugely popular Japanese "idol" pop group, to record a new single. The song's title has yet to be revealed, but the two acts have already filmed a video, with plans to release the track to stores on Jan. 28.

Kiss' site has posted what appears to be a verbatim press release translated from Japanese, promising that the single will come in two versions: "One is Momoiro Clover Z edition, the other is Kiss edition, and the lead track is composed and performed by Kiss and Momoiro Clover Z is in charge of vocals." It goes on to add that "Two newly recorded tracks, including a lead track and each off vocal version, will be included in Momoiro Clover Z edition. This edition also includes a music video of the lead track in Blu-ray disc. On the other hand, three newly recorded tracks including a lead track and each off vocal version, in total six tracks will be included in Kiss edition."

Make of that what you will, and if you understand Japanese, feel free to translate the above video, which appears to offer an announcement of the collaboration as well as some sort of commentary. And if you like what you hear on the single, good news: The press release adds that "It is also announced that Momoiro Clover Z will appear at the last show at Tokyo Dome of the Kiss 40th anniversary tour."

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