Gene Simmons of Kiss may not be the most squeaky-clean kid on the block. But, when he looks back on his rock star life, he knows the most important thing is that he’s always surrounded himself with high achievers.

“. . .I don't surround myself with losers. And because I don't allow it, it often comes off as arrogant -- 'Who does he think he is?' But I just don't have time for that,” the KISS bass slinger told the Toronto Sun. “But those people are vampires. They will suck the life out of you.

“You have to surround yourself with people who know more, people who are more successful…”

The musician, entrepreneur and yes, motivational speaker went on to explain the importance of a killer name to a brand, band and personality.

“. . .Let's say your name was Wallace. I would ask: 'Why isn't Wallace the name of your company? Why isn't it your dotcom? How come your email address isn't so-and-so at'” he said. “Even these simple things help because, everybody is really in the same business: The fame business. You have to make your name mean something, and people have to recognize your name is synonymous with quality.

“Your name and your story should precede you.”

As for the upcoming new Paul Stanley-produced Kiss album, Simmons said it’ll be a wild, rambunctious throwback to  the late ‘70s, or as he says, the “classic sound of all time.”

“Styles come and go; the only thing that sticks is the Stones and AC/DC, meat and potatoes stuff," he said. “That stuff is forever.”

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