Given the merchandising savvy of Kiss co-leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, it's surprising a wall-mountable band collectible in the style of Mount Rushmore wasn't already on the market.

Thanks to Kiss fan and artist Douglas Hildebrandt, that void has been filled in the form of his limited-edition Mount KISSMore sculpture, which begins shipping in February.

With the real Mount Rushmore in mind, Hildebrandt wanted his Kiss creation to have a carved-granite appearance. As for the look of the musicians' makeup-enhanced mugs, he also emulated the same sculpting style as the national memorial in South Dakota.

"They are supposed to look like monolithic statues," he says. "I think it is a fitting tribute and true testament to one of the greatest bands of our time."

Hildebrandt originally made two of the sculptures and sent one to Simmons, who called to express his appreciation and to offer production tips. That led to Hildebrandt getting in touch with Factory Entertainment, which is authorized to produce Kiss items, and him making a commissioned master pattern for the limited-edition run of 2,000 pieces.

Each handcrafted Mount KISSMore sculpture (priced at $69.99) weighs five pounds and comes in a full-color box.

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