A promotional copy of the self-titled debut album by Kiss recently sold on eBay for $1,025.01, a significant jump from the opening $35.00 listing price for the three day auction.

It appears that the fan who placed the first bid aimed high enough to eliminate all contenders, as they ultimately won this prized record. This white label promo wax edition of the LP (NBLP 9001 Casablanca / Warner Brothers) is rare for numerous reasons, but primarily because it is still sealed.

The seller testifies to the rarity of this album by declaring, perhaps in self-interest, “I didn’t think one existed until I saw it for myself!” Since the record is nearly 40 years old, it is hard to fathom that sealed promo copies of ‘Kiss’ still exist but this auction states otherwise -- reportedly, this copy has absolutely no shelf wear.

The seller had very good fortune when he or she “received” (whatever that means?) hundreds of unsold Kiss albums that were still in the boxes. Previously, these boxes of records were sitting in Polygram’s warehouse (Polygram acquired a stake of Casablanca in 1977) with other Kiss misfits such as played copies and error copies but the seller claims that most of the records he's offering are beautiful, including this gem.

As previously reported, Kiss items are highly collectible -- and when you’re talking about vintage ‘70s memorabilia from the group, the bar raises several notches. So, the next time you’re at the neighborhood garage sale and see a stack of vinyl under the table, approach slowly and cross your fingers, after all, you have ‘nothing to lose.’

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