A concert featuring Kiss and Dead Daisies was briefly halted as a tornado passed the Huntington Center in Toledo last night. The show resumed once a National Weather Service warning expired at 8:30PM ET, but not before Dead Daisies were forced off the stage.

"About 20 minutes before our set time, the tornado alarms started going off at the arena," Dead Daisies frontman John Corabi tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "Everybody's phones started getting alerts, but it was still kind of sunny. I was out at the bus grabbing some after-show clothes, and when I walked back into the arena, the production people for Kiss said some tornadoes touched down about 10 miles away to the west."

As the storm drew nearer, Huntington Center concessions workers were also reportedly told to move inside the concert hall and away from windows along the outside of the facility. Passersby soon began taking shelter inside as well, Gene Simmons confirmed on Twitter.

"I was told by production that if the tornado came close to the arena, we would have to stop our set so they could make public service announcements – which is what eventually happened," added Corabi, a former member of Motley Crue. "We just finished playing 'Long Way to Go,' and they instructed us to stop and return to our dressing room. We waited about 15 minutes to see if we were going to play anymore, and received word that we would not be playing. So, I went onstage and thanked the audience for being patient and apologized for not being able to finish."

The startled crowd waited inside patiently, and Kiss' regularly scheduled set continued as planned. Meanwhile, storm damage was reported across three Ohio counties, including downed trees and power lines, and damaged structures.

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