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  • 20

    'Bad Boys Get Spanked'

    The Pretenders

    From: 'Pretenders II' (1981)

    If you weren't ready to make a run for it already, you will be when Chrissie Hynde barks this: "You don't listen, do you a--hole?"

  • 19

    'Love in an Elevator'


    From: 'Pump' (1989)

    In case you didn't quite get Aerosmith's single-entendre message, Steven Tyler throws in an extra goin' do-o-o-o-o-o-o-wn during the twin-guitar solo.

  • 18

    'Darling Nikki'


    From: 'Purple Rain' (1984)

    "I guess," Prince surmises about this song's protagonist, "you could say she was a sex fiend." Is there any doubt after what happened to that poor magazine? [Unfortunately, no embeddable video is available; click here to watch.]

  • 17

    'Gang Bang'

    Sensational Alex Harvey Band

    From: 'Next' (1973)

    When Alex Harvey says "gang bang," he means it. Twenty-seven guys? Seriously? That's a football team.

  • 16

    'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'

    Meat Loaf

    From: 'Bat Out of Hell' (1977)

    You think this song -- complete with Phil Rizzuto 's baseball play-by-play segment -- was long at more than eight minutes? Meat Loaf said it was originally conceived to last nearly half an hour.

  • 15


    Nine Inch Nails

    From: 'The Downward Spiral' (1994)

    For Downward Spiral drummer Tommy Lee, this was kinky perfection. "That's the all-time f-- song," he told Blender in 2002. "Those are pure f-- beats. Trent Reznor knew what he was doing." Lee loves its versatility, too: "You can f-- to it; you can dance to it; and you can break sh-- to it."

  • 14

    'Ten Seconds to Love'

    Motley Crue

    From: 'Shout at the Devil' (1983)

    Everything seems to be well on its way when Motley Crue suddenly arrives at an even better idea. Why not bring along another girlfriend? Maybe two!

  • 13

    'Three Days'

    Jane's Addiction

    From: 'Ritual de lo Habitual' (1990)

    A 10 minute-plus meditation on sex and drugs that followed a three-day binge of -- well, you know. Perry Ferrell's girlfriend, the inspiration for this track, later ODed.

  • 12

    'Under My Thumb'

    The Rolling Stones

    From: 'Aftermath' (1966)

    This is perhaps the best-ever marimba-driven song about the taming of a domineering woman. Also, the only one.

  • 11

    'Venus in Furs'

    The Velvet Underground

    From: 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' (1967)

    The Velvet Underground went to the source, basing this tune about bondage/submission on their reading of a book by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch -- whose name actually inspired the term "masochism."

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