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  • 30

    'Last Dance With Mary Jane'

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

    From: 'Greatest Hits' (1993)

    Never before -- and never (well, almost never) again -- had necrophilia seemed like such a reasonable option.

  • 29

    'Last Caress'

    The Misfits

    From: 'Beware' (1980)

    Later covered by Metallica, "Last Caress" imagines what a tumble with the Grim Reaper might be like. And this guy sounds like he deserves it.

  • 28


    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

    From: 'Sinner' (2006)

    When Joan Jett says she wants you to be her dog, get ready to beg.

  • 27

    'Dinah-Moe Humm'

    Frank Zappa

    From: 'Over-Nite Sensation' (1973)

    Fun fact: Tina Turner sang back up on this project. Even funnier: It's said when husband Ike heard the early mix of songs like this one (where a woman wagers that Zappa can't bring her to orgasm), Turner could only stammer, "What is this sh--?"

  • 26

    'Dirty Movies'

    Van Halen

    From: 'Fair Warning' (1981)

    This may seem silly in the internet age, but they used to have these theaters, and they only showed dirty movies -- OK, never mind. Just listen to the song.

  • 25

    'Five Short Minutes'

    Jim Croce

    From: 'I Got a Name' (1973)

    We've all been there, in a hotel room with what turns out to be an underage girl, as she makes a plaster cast of your little buddy. But try explaining it to the judge.

  • 24

    'F--- Like a Beast'


    From: Single (1984)

    Originally planned for W.A.S.P.'s self-titled debut, this song was deemed too N.A.S.T.Y. for inclusion.

  • 23

    'Mistress for Christmas'


    From: 'The Razor's Edge' (1990)

    For everyone who's been waiting for menage a trois-themed Yuletide song, AC/DC is here to help. Have yourself a kinky little Christmas.

  • 22

    'I Wanna Be Your Dog'

    The Stooges

    From: 'The Stooges' (1969)

    Seems Iggy Pop sought to frame a twinge of jealousy over the easy intimacy he saw when a good-looking woman walk by with her pooch. By imagining himself as the dog, of course.

  • 21

    'I Love the Dead'

    Alice Cooper

    From: 'Billion Dollar Babies' (1973)

    This isn't Alice Cooper's only song about wanting to do unspeakable things to the deceased -- see, "Blue Turk," "Refrigerator Heaven," so on -- but it's certainly one of his best. And by "best," we mean "crazy creepy."

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