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  • 40


    Eddie Money

    From: 'No Control' (1982)

    Going on a high-speed joyride with a wild woman? Well, at least they were smart enough to realize that they were in no condition to drive. That was when the fun really began.

  • 39

    'Oh Bondage Up Yours!'

    X Ray Spex

    From: Single (1977)

    Whether literally tied up or a slave to consumerism, we all have our own forms of bondage. This particular one comes with a saxophone.

  • 38

    'Penguin in Bondage'

    Frank Zappa

    From: 'Roxy & Elsewhere' (1974)

    Warped porno movie jazz-funk, straps tied tightly and various battery-powered devices, all wrapped up in Arctic imagery. It could only come from Frank Zappa.

  • 37

    'Fun with Ropes'

    The Go-Go's

    From: 'Return to the Valley of The Go-Go's' (1994)

    Recorded live when they were a punk group, Jane Wiedlin's spiky ode to getting tied up could never have been released alongside their '80s pop hits. It remained unheard until 1994's Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's compilation.

  • 36

    'In Every Dream Home a Heartache'

    Roxy Music

    From: 'For Your Pleasure' (1973)

    Got a fancy place to live but no one to share it with? Why not take a page out of Roxy Music's book and get an inflatable doll. Just beware that you might become too emotionally attached to it.

  • 35

    'Ladies Room'


    From: 'Rock and Roll Over' (1976)

    So you're a musician on the road and a woman expresses her interest. Where can you get some privacy? Gene Simmons sings from experience here.

  • 34

    'Mama Oo Pow Pow'

    The Cramps

    From: 'Stay Sick' (1990)

    Spankings, kinky boots and heart-shaped handcuffs all set to rockabilly, filtered through punk and given a '90s flair. At least they know they're going to Hell.

  • 33

    'Hot for Teacher'

    Van Halen

    From: '1984' (1984)

    Is it really kinky or just every schoolboy's fantasy? Either way, Waldo's dreams came true, even if ours never did.

  • 32

    'Mondo Bondage'

    The Tubes

    From: 'The Tubes' (1975)

    It may seem like fun at first, but it's not always that way, especially if you're the one being tied up. It's enough to make one consider moving to Spain or Jamaica.

  • 31

    'Tonight (We Need a Lover)'

    Motley Crue

    From: 'Theatre of Pain' (1985)

    Motley Crue up the ante on Kiss' ode to groupies mentioned above. But they're not interested in one-on-one bathroom business; they want someone capable of taking all four of them on.

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