Don't shoot us, we're only the messengers. Embedded above is a video of Justin Bieber lip-synching Ozzy Osbourne's classic, "Crazy Train."

Last night saw the debut of Lip Sync Battle, a television show that airs at 10PM Eastern Thursdays on the Spike network. The program mirrors the format of Puttin' on the Hits, a syndicated competition from the mid-'80s where people mimed to popular songs. The difference is that, where its predecessor used ordinary citizens, Lip Sync Battle uses celebrities.

The brief clip of Bieber donning a long, black wig and making Ozzy-like gestures is a preview of an upcoming episode, which means we can look forward to seeing the whole thing in the near future. Screencrush notes that last night's episode was won by wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who went similarly against type by choosing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." Unlike Bieber, he did not go all-out and dress up like Swift, the sight of which could have potentially caused lingering psychological damage to all involved.

Lip Sync Battle is hosted by LL Cool J and co-executive produced by Jimmy Fallon, who has made such competitions a recurring feature on his late-night talk shows over the years.

In 2014, ABC launched Sing Your Face Off, in which celebrities sang covers while dressed as the original artists. Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was one of the contestants, appearing as Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Willie Nelson and one-half of LMFAO. Bach did not win.

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