Judas Priest has released "Panic Attack," the first song from their upcoming album Invincible Shield.

The song opens with guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner building up a big head of steam with an epic guitar and synthesizer introduction that lasts for over a minute. When the main riff finally kicks in it's a classic Priest barn burner, and singer Rob Halford pounces all over it.

You can watch the lyric video for "Panic Attack" below.

What We Know About ‘Invincible Shield’

Invincible Shield will be the 19th studio album of Judas Priest’s career. The metal legends announced the LP alongside their performance at the Power Trip festival. It marks their first release since 2018’s Firepower.

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According to the band’s website, Judas Priest’s official lineup on the album is frontman Halford, bassist Ian Hill, drummer Scott Travis and guitarists Tipton and Faulkner are featured on the album. Though Andy Sneap, the guitarist who joined Judas Priest’s touring lineup in 2018 when Tipton retired from the road due to Parkinsan’s disease, is not included in that lineup, he reportedly is featured throughout Invincible Shield as a player and producer.

In a June interview with Audio Ink Radio, Faulkner noted how the new album differed from Judas Priest’s previous material.

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"There are definitely a few more twists and turns on this record. There are a few more musical parts,” the guitarist explained. “I've used the word 'progressive' before, and the Internet ripped me a new asshole. But it is progressive in the sense that it's not like verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus-finish. It's musical part-verse-musical part. It might do a few twists and turns, musically. It veers from the path of it, a bit like 'Sinner' or 'Tyrant' or something like that. So, it's a bit more '70s Priest, which I welcome as a guitar player.”

“It's '70s Priest, but it's not a retro album, by any means,” Faulkner clarified. “It's the influence of '70s Priest in the progressive sense, but it sounds like Priest in 2023."

Hear Judas Priest Perform 'Panic Attack'

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