When it comes singing, there's showing heart and there's showing Heart. Jordis Unga tried to do both when she turned in a hearty rendition of classic rockers' '80s power ballad 'Alone' Monday night on 'The Voice' -- and clearly won over some coaches in the process. But did she win over the hearts of the American fans watching the show at home?

'Alone' isn't an easy song to sing, but it does have a number of those soaring notes that many 'Voice' contestants clearly love -- if for no other reason than for the chance to display their vocal chops. Unga did that and more with her rendition of the chart-topping 1987 hit, making the tune her own in the process.

She's made her name on 'The Voice' with a steady stream of scorching pop and rock numbers, perhaps most notably her version of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Ironic' alongside former contestant Brian Fuente during last week's win in the battle round. It's what got her where she is now, and will get her to where she's going -- that is, if she's not going home.

That's up to America to decide, and we'll just have to tune in Tuesday (April 3) to find out if she's coming back. But regardless of what happens, Coach Blake Shelton was proud of his pupil, saying that she challenged herself by picking the challenging song and deserves credit for not taking the safe route. Or, in other words, showing some real heart.


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