Jon Bon Jovi is finishing 2012 on a high note as his song 'Not Running Anymore' has just received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Original Song. The track appears in the upcoming Al Pacino-Christopher Walken comedy 'Stand Up Guys,' which is expected in select theaters in the coming weeks, with a wider release on Jan. 11.

Bon Jovi has a history with the Golden Globes, previously winning a statue in 1991 for Best Original Song with his 'Young Guns II' movie theme 'Blaze of Glory.'

The singer's competition includes Adele's 'Skyfall' title track, Taylor Swift's 'Safe & Sound' from 'The Hunger Games,' the Keith Urban-penned 'For You' from 'Act of Valor' and 'Suddenly' from the movie musical 'Les Miserables.'

Bon Jovi recently revealed that after the band's 2011 tour, he called up his manager looking for something to do and decided it was time to try out movie music again. After putting out some feelers, Bon Jovi read up on the 'Stand Up Guys' film, loved what he saw and wrote a song.

He explained, "Fortunately, for me, in the process of writing for movies — specifically for movies — I’m able to channel those characters. I’m able to take those words and make them my own. I’m able to even, you know, grab a line or two, so that you can see what on the screen came from the page came through my pen, and I’m able to then relay it back to you in a song.”

Winners will be announced during the Jan. 13 Golden Globe Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. As for Bon Jovi, they recently released plans for a new album and 2013 North American tour.