Over the past year, Yes fans have been looking forward to a proposed project from former vocalist Jon Anderson that would reunite him with his ‘90125’ Yes-mate Trevor Rabin and famed former Yes keyboard legend Rick Wakeman.  Unfortunately, as Anderson tells Ultimate Classic Rock, the grouping has been put on hold.

“We did some songs last year, and Trevor had some things going on in his life that he had to sort out, you know, family things and he gets very, very tied up in his music for movies, so we just found it hard to collectively get together. And Rick’s got so many things that he’s doing in England. He has TV shows and radio shows. So eventually, it will happen. You keep the door open and hope that it will happen.”

Wakeman and Anderson have worked together in the time since Anderson departed from Yes. They recorded a well-received album together called ‘The Living Tree,’ which was followed by a tour featuring songs from the album in addition to Yes favorites. A live CD was released from this trek, and Anderson says the pair are going to continue their collaboration with more new music.

“We’re actually writing some new music next month. He sent a couple of things last week. We’re still creating, we’re still talking about touring later in the year or the beginning of next year, so we’re in touch.”

The Anderson/Wakeman duo played primarily East Coast dates in the U.S. previously and they’re now talking about possible West Coast U.S. tour dates for January and February of next year.

Anderson is the featured vocalist on a new single from Italian composer/producer Marco Sabiu called ‘Limitless Lives,’ which recently went on sale as a digital download. The pair were brought together by a mutual friend, and Anderson says that the collaboration happened fairly easily.

“He sent an MP3 and within a couple of hours I’d sang the song, the melodies and the lyric and everything and Marco said ‘it’s called "Limitless"’  and I said ‘that’s good, I like that, the idea that we are limitless human beings and we shouldn’t limit our lives at all.’”

With the single currently charting in Italy, Sabiu is hopeful that he and Anderson can do further work together. Anderson says that the pair are “talking about getting together in the summer” and adds that “maybe we’ll get together and write some more songs and tour,” including a possible visit to Italy.

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