John Oates has responded to Daryl Hall's recent allegations against him in a sealed lawsuit.

Hall's legal action, which includes a temporary restraining order, was filed in Tennessee earlier this month. He claims Oates was seeking to sell his portion of Hall & Oates' joint venture to the company Primary Wave, an action that would violate the terms of the pair's previous business agreement. Primary Wave already owns a portion of the duo's catalog, but Hall says Oates' most recent decision "blindsided" him.

"I am disappointed that he decided to publicize issues that are the subject of our private mediation and private arbitration," Oates said in a new legal declaration filed in response to Hall's claims. "I have no idea who or what is motivating Daryl to take these steps and make such salacious statements, but I am deeply hurt."

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He declined to comment on specific allegations made by Hall, but emphasized that although he and Hall have not always "seen eye to eye," the protection of their joint catalog is a priority: "In fact, Daryl has become unwilling to work with me to try to protect the marks and other intellectual property that we spent decades building."

Oates said he's "very aware of the importance and reverence that our fans and the world have for the music that Daryl and I have made together. That is why I have been working hard to protect the value of our intellectual property – to allow music lovers around the world to continue to enjoy the music of Hall & Oates."

A court hearing is scheduled for Nov. 30.

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