John Mellencamp will perform at Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday party tonight (Jan. 14) in the champion boxer's hometown of Louiville, Ky. Ali will celebrate seven decades of accomplishments with many special guests and entertainers.

Mellencamp is a lifelong resident of the neighboring state of Indiana and might be considered somewhat of a champion himself. Selling an estimated 40 million albums and having 13 Grammy nominations are just a few of the celebrated singer-songwriter's many accolades.

Still, it's Mellencamp's dedication to social justice that also makes him stand out, and it's likely what has drawn Ali to take notice of him. Mellencamp is one of the founders of Farm Aid and has always been an advocate for the working people.

This four hour dinner-fundraiser will benefit the Muhammad Ali Center, which is also 'people' driven. Ali's mission is to promote respect, hope and understanding while inspiring people to be as great as they can be.

Both Mellencamp and Ali have inspired millions of people around the world, so it only seems fitting that they would share in this very momentous birthday celebration together. Let's just hope they don't debate over who is "the greatest" champ in the room, otherwise things might get ugly.

Happy 70th birthday, Muhammad Ali!