Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has often joked about running for office, announcing a tongue-in-cheek presidential campaign in 1980 and throwing his name in the hat for vice president in 1992. But in a new interview to promote his solo album 'Analog Man,' the musician reveals he's considering a real-life bid for political office.

"I think I would run seriously, and I think I would run for Congress," Walsh tells WASH-FM in Washington DC. "The root of the problem is that Congress is so dysfunctional. We're dead in the water until Congress gets to work and passes some new legislation to change things."

The guitarist says we need representatives that share our concerns. "I think if you pay attention to Congress and vote for people from where we're all from, and if we can elect [people who are] not politicians that are from where we're from, I think we can get something done. So I might run for Congress and see if I can stir up the hornets."

In the meantime Walsh is on tour for 'Analog Man,' performing intimate shows that feature a mix of his solo material along with songs from the Eagles and even the James Gang. See all the tour dates here.

Listen to Joe Walsh Discuss His Political Aspirations

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