Joe Walsh took 20 years to deliver his most recent solo album, 2012's 'Analog Man,' but it looks like his next project will come together much more easily.

As we reported in March, Walsh has been busy in the studio with an all-star crowd of supporting players that includes Mick Jagger and Ringo Starr -- and now we know he enlisted them for what he tells Billboard he's "loosely" calling "a blues album."

Walsh, who also rounded up guitarist Robert Randolph and New Orleans legend Dr. John for the sessions, says the record will consist of "real obscure R&B and blues songs. Half of it is original, and half of it's old Howlin' Wolf or John Lee Hooker. I told everybody to bring a song in and everybody did, be it an old blues song or some idea. We went through some old Stax records from, like, the Otis Redding days, Sam & Dave stuff that were just albums tracks, and did our version of a whole bunch of stuff."

As for when it'll actually be done, Walsh remains non-committal, although he says he's finished "about 12 tracks, and it's really good. We'll probably do it again before I call it finished, but we got a really good start on it."

In the meantime, he'll have the Eagles' summer tour to keep him occupied. The 'History of the Eagles' tour is scheduled to kick off July 6 in Louisville, Ky.