Aerosmith may be contemplating life after full-length albums, but guitarist Joe Perry is feeling no such qualms about the long player format -- in fact, he says he's just about halfway finished with his next solo venture.

Speaking with ARTISTdirect about the band's plans for the future, Perry admitted, "I really don’t know what’s coming up next," although he did suggest that Aerosmith's free-agent status following the end of its contract with Sony will force them to "figure out our own way" -- and he added that "I think we should stick to our guns and keep making records ... and promote them our own way."

In the short term, however, plans call for solo projects. "I know [singer Steven Tyler] wants to do a solo record," Perry continued. "I’m halfway through a solo album right now. I’ve got about six songs I’m really excited about. I want to get into them as soon as possible. That’s the main focus now."

That record might be his main focus, but Perry hasn't forgotten about his pending memoir, ‘Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith.' "I’ve got my book coming. It’ll probably be a month of signings and different things. We’re thinking of different ways to use the internet to promote it," he mused. "We’re giving away four free songs if you buy the book. I think they’ll be really representative of some of my solo work. The record company was amenable, and they’ve been helpful along the line. ... After that, I’ve got the record that’s right under my skin. I can’t wait to get back to it."

And after all that activity has been cleared off the calendar? "Maybe next year Aerosmith will get together and do another record," shrugged Perry. "We’ll see."

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