Your taste buds may soon be feeling some sweet and smoky emotions. This week, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry launched his own signature line of Rock Your World table barbecue sauces.

Four years ago, Perry began his Rock Your World venture with a pair of hot sauces, a chipotle-laced Boneyard Brew and Mango Peach Tango. He has taken those flavors and smoothed them out for everyday consumption, and also added a traditional tomato-based sauce to the line.

All three flavors are for sale on both Aerosmith's and Perry's websites, with a list price of $8.99. The original is available in a 19 oz. bottle, with Boneyard Brew and Mango Peach Tango sold in 12 oz. bottles.

Perry is not the only member of Aerosmith to get into the food business. Last year, drummer Joey Kramer began selling his own brand of Rockin' & Roastin' organic, fair-trade coffee.

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