According to Joe Perry’s wife, and contrary to internet rumors, the veteran Aerosmith guitarist is not battling hearing problems. We said, ACCORDING TO JOE PERRY'S WIFE, AND CONTRARY TO INTERNET RUMORS...

Posting on her Twitter account, Billie Perry shot down stories that sessions for the new Aerosmith album would be delayed because of Perry’s alleged hearing issues. So, all this talk is just the same old song and dance.

“Joe does not have tinnitus nor does he have any hearing loss," Perry wrote. "His ears are perfect they were just checked." Perry elaborated by saying “I was at the visit and can assure everyone Joe's ears are 100 percent.”

Joe Perry had previously announced that Aerosmith will enter the studio in July with legendary producer Jack Douglas to work on the band’s first album of all new material since 2001's ‘Just Push Play.’

Perry said that the new album will draw inspiration from fan commentary, which has apparently been place in some kind of futuristic “creative blender.” We are working hard to get photos of this machine for you.

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