Joe Perry's pretty excited about Aerosmith going on tour with Slash, and he's got the spray paint to prove it.

As recently recounted via Aerosmith's Twitter account, Perry took to the streets of Los Angeles with the graffiti artist known as RISK to help spread the word for the band's upcoming dates, dubbed the 'Let Rock Rule' tour. As we previously reported, the tourmates broke the news through their Twitter accounts in late-March, and although we still don't have dates, it looks like we can count on some sort of announcement April 8.

The April 8 date shows up in this photo of the finished artwork, while you can see Perry and RISK at work in this photo and the video embedded at the top of this post. In a separate video, the band adds, "It's official! We're going out on the road this summer with Slash!" and offers a few words from Perry.

"Hey, everybody. This is Joe Perry," begins the clip. "A couple of days ago I tweeted that we were going out on the road this summer with Slash, and now it's absolutely official. Tickets will be going on sale real soon. The name of the tour is 'Let Rock Rule,' and you're gonna be hearing a little more of that coming up real soon. See you then."

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