Few people have lived out the sex, drugs and rock n' roll lifestyle -- and come out of it with his coolness intact -- as thoroughly as Joe Perry. Now, the Aerosmith guitarist is planning to tell the world about what it's like to be him. In a new interview, Perry revealed that he recently signed a deal to write his memoir with a tentative publishing date scheduled for the fall of 2013, and he vows to include plenty of good stuff.

“I expect there will be a fair amount about me and Steven [Tyler], considering I’ve spent a good part of my life with him and three other guys,” Perry told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The reality of writing it is starting to sink in, but I’m mostly wondering how much I want to put in the book and what to keep out.”

OK, so maybe we won't get a no-holds-barred tell-all like Keith Richards' 2010 book, 'Life.' But given the frequent tensions between him and the other half of the Toxic Twins, maybe this is best for the long-term future of his band. Perry said that Tyler's commitment to Aerosmith was behind the reason for leaving his role on 'American Idol.'

“I know he really wanted to go back to the show if they asked him," he said. "But when the record started gathering momentum and the thought of going out and being locked into another year…as much as he enjoyed doing [‘Idol’], I think he missed being in the band full time. Not that I ever felt he wasn’t present 100 percent for the band.”

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