Guitarist Jimmie Vaughan, a four-time Grammy winner, founding member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan, has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.

Vaughan was gearing up for a trip to India at the time -- he was supposed to be traveling to Mumbai, where he was booked to perform as part of this year's Mahindra Blues Festival. In fact, as VVN Music reports, it was the following message from the Festival that helped spread the word about Vaughan's condition:

Jimmie Vaughan was admitted to Pomona Hospital Medical Center on January 23, 2013 with an acute myocardial infraction [sic] (Heart Attack). He had a coronary angioplasty and stent placement. He is still in the hospital but recovering and has been advised by his cardiologist to rest at home for a month.

Active for decades, Vaughan opened for Jimi Hendrix as a teenager before founding the Fabulous Thunderbirds in 1979. Embarking on a solo career after the band's 'Powerful Stuff' album in 1989, Vaughan cut a duo record with Stevie Ray (1990's 'Family Style') and has spent the ensuing years recording a string of albums on his own, starting with 1994's 'Strange Pleasure.' His most recent LP, 'Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites,' was released in 2011.

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