The London flat where Jimi Hendrix spent a year of his life in the late '60s will soon be open to visitors as part of a public exhibition.

The exhibit, which has been in the works for years, is actually half of what's being described as a "double museum" in honor of Hendrix and the composer Georg Frideric Handel, who also lived in the building. According to the Guardian, "Hendrix’s bedroom has been faithfully recreated and there will be an exhibition about his life and work, including his Epiphone FT79 acoustic guitar, bought in New York and recalled as always within arm’s reach during his time in London."

"It is hard to think of another home in the world with such a concentration of musical genius," enthused Handel House Trust chairman Alistair Stranack. "Our research into the building and Hendrix’s circle of friends and acquaintances has enabled us to present an image of what life was like in his time at Brook Street. While it has been a pleasure to have been working in Jimi’s bedroom for the past few years, it is even more pleasing to be able to throw it open to everybody else."

The museum, which has been dubbed Handel and Hendrix in London, is scheduled to open in February 2016, with tickets going on sale to the public Nov. 2; buyers will have the option of selecting either or both wings during their stay. Visit the Handel and Hendrix website for detailed ticketing information.

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