Even though the idea of the classic rock band playing a new song while the audience gets a beer or goes to the bathroom is a well-worn cliche, some acts nonetheless insist on introducing fresh material into the set. But Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French knows better, and pulled no punches in criticizing bands that think they have something new to offer.

"[L]et’s be honest," he told Goldmine. "Any classic band that releases a new record is an idiot for playing it. I mean, they can justify it all they want but no one cares. Let me tell you, you’re a bunch of stupid fools if you think that anyone gives a s---. They don’t. They say they do but they don’t. Which is why most of these classic bands make a new album, go out on a tour, start out with five songs from the new record, after a few weeks there are two songs and then they just want to play that one new song and get it over with. Because no one knows it and no one gives a s--- about it, and they’re delusional to think they do."

And it's not only new songs that aggravates him, but also when groups try to reinvent the tunes for which they're known. "Another delusional thing is, let’s alter the arrangements and be hip," he continued. "No one gives a s--- about that, either. If you’re a great entertainer, you’ll give them exactly what they want to hear, exactly how they want to hear it. That’s what great entertainers do. Idiot entertainers don’t do that."

French is currently promoting a documentary about the band called We Are Twisted F***ing Sister, which chronicles their slow rise to stardom and beyond. This year, they are simultaneously celebrating their 40th anniversary and winding down their career with what they're calling the 40 and F--- It tour. You can see all the upcoming dates on their website, but don't expect them to break out any new songs.

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