Does punk legend Iggy Pop truly believe that pop heartthrob Justin Bieber is the future of rock and roll? A new ad campaign promoted by the Belgian branch of Amnesty International suggests that the only reason the proto-punk legend would say that is if it was beaten out of him.

NME reports that Pop is one of a number of high-profile individuals taking part in Amnesty's new anti-torture campaign. Each participant is shown beaten and bruised along with an unlikely statement that is attributed to the individual, implying the message was coerced out of them rather than being a deep-seated belief.

At the bottom of Pop's poster (left), the slogan, when translated from French to English, reads "The future of rock 'n' roll, it’s Justin Bieber."

Though the poster might elicit a chuckle or two from some, the message at the heart of Amnesty's campaign is indeed a serious one: "Torture a man and he will tell you anything."

"For us it was a quirky but not sloppy way to attract public attention to this tragic reality, which often happens in the greatest secrecy," says Amnesty International Belgium director Philippe Hensmans.

After the unfortunate passing of the Stooges drummer Scott Asheton earlier this year, Pop has sidelined the group for the time being stating, "“I just can’t see the band playing in the near future. It would just be wrong.

Despite the Stooges not being active, Pop hasn't completely removed himself from music, however. He currently serves as the host of a Sunday night music show on U.K.'s BBC 6.


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