Heart has posted a snippet of new music from a forthcoming studio album, giving fans their first taste of a planned follow up to 2012's hard-rocking Top 25 hit Fanatic. Check it out in the above embed.

There's not much to go on, other than a soaring, orchestral groove straight out of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" playbook and that familiar Ann Wilson wail. The band says final mixing is underway at this time, though they aren't sharing album title or release date details just yet. They previously mentioned a possible June arrival.

Wilson has been busy, despite the layover between albums from Heart, releasing a solo EP and mounting her first-ever tour with a new group she dubbed the Ann Wilson Thing. Still, the time away led to some big changes.

Ann says her sister Nancy Wilson will "be doing more singing on the new record, which I’m really happy about." Nancy memorably voiced "These Dreams," which became Heart's first chart-topping single in 1986. They are also going to take their collective boots off the gas, after releasing what Ann Wilson said was "our heaviest album we ever did" with Fanatic.

So, instead of "banging and crashing, big guitars and all that kind of stuff," she said this new project "will have more contours." Key moments include a Nancy Wilson ballad which Ann says is "very sweet and just tugs at your heart." The album began with sessions recorded while on tour, Ann Wilson has said.

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