After taking a brief detour with a solo EP and tour, Ann Wilson is devoting much of 2016 to Heart. In a new interview, the singer revealed that, although she will likely do another tour with the Ann Wilson Thing, her main band is currently busy prepping a new album that they hope will be done by the summer.

“We’re definitely working on new stuff,” she told ABC News Radio. “We have about four new songs now and we only need a few more, and we’ll have enough for a new full-length record, which should be ready by June.”

The record will be the band's follow-up to Fanatic, and Wilson said the music they're working on is a sonic departure from that 2012 LP: "[Fanatic] was our heaviest album we ever did in terms of banging and crashing, big guitars and all that kind of stuff." She noted that the new record "will have more contours" and said that one of the new songs that sister Nancy wrote is "very sweet and just tugs at your heart."

Wilson also revealed that Nancy will “be doing more singing on the new record, too, which I’m really happy about.”

Last year, Ann told Cleveland Scene that their busy touring schedule hasn't stopped them from recording. In fact, it's helped them. “We’re not in a recording studio," she said. "We’ve been recording live off the stage in sound checks, because you don’t really have to go into a traditional studio anymore. We have been recording, but it’s been off the stage. And then we’re going to take the tracks that we get off the stage and mess with them.”

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