It was arguably the biggest rock tour of the early '90s and included a number of now-infamous incidents, but there's still no shortage of little-known facts buried in the history of Metallica's run of live dates with Guns N' Roses in 1992.

You can get a quick rundown of the lesser-known trivia surrounding the tour via the video embedded at the top of this post, which fills us in on everything from the apparently magic wristband that saved a portion of Metallica guitarist James Hetfield's arm from being burned in a horrifying pyrotechnics mishap, to the night GNR guitarist Slash allegedly indulged in a heroin binge that left him without a heartbeat for eight minutes.

And that isn't even the strangest tale to emerge from backstage on a trouble-plagued tour that found GNR blowing 80 percent of its nightly earnings -- that honor undoubtedly goes to the gross but admittedly very funny lengths that Faith No More singer Mike Patton was apparently willing to go to in order to get himself booted from the lineup.

Want to get the whole story, and look back at why neither Guns N' Roses nor Metallica were sure of their long-term futures when the tour finally lurched to a stop in the fall of '92? Check out the video above, and see if you still think you know classic rock!

You Think You Know Metallica?

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