Axl Rose of Guns' N' Roses ejected a rowdy concert-goer from the band's Saturday night (Dec. 17) concert in Vancouver, Canada with a barrage of profanities and a witty rendition of 'Happy Trails.'

"Yeah, this guy right here," Rose says while pointing the offending person out to security, mocking their claim of innocence by parroting his victim's "What'd I do?" stance. "See you, you dumb-ass mother-f----er!" He and the band then briefly broke into Roy Roger's famous TV theme song: "Happy trails to you, until we meet again.."

Axl then went on to say, with a big smile on his face, that he now understands why the promoter called in riot cops when the band was forced to cancel a 2002 concert there: "cause you mother-f-----ers are rowdy sons-a-bitches!"

It was an eventful weekend all around for Guns N' Roses,  who were joined at two separate shows, including this one, by former bassist Duff McKagan, whose band Loaded opened both concerts. McKagan played 'Civil War' and 'You Could Be Mine' on Saturday night.

Watch Guns N' Roses Perform 'Happy Trails' While Ejecting a Fan at Their Vancouver Show

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