Guns N' Roses fans at last night's (Dec. 16) concert in Seattle got quite a surprise when former bassist Duff McKagan joined the current incarnation of the band for a run-through of the 'Use Your Illusion'-era single 'You Could Be Mine.' Duff's band Loaded opened the GN'R show at the Key Arena in Duff's hometown of Seattle and are scheduled to support another one tonight at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada.

In his latest column in the Seattle Weekly, Duff revealed his thoughts on Loaded being asked to open the shows for Guns and singer Axl Rose. "I was somehow reluctant at first to do this. I love that dude, but wanted to sort of stay out of the fray ... But this fray is only a fray if I let it be," Duff wrote. "And now I am actually pretty excited to see my old pal. His band is the nicest bunch of fellas, and I will be home after all."

The fan-shot footage below that captures the performance is filmed at a little bit of a distance in the crowd, but Duff -- with his can't-miss blonde hair and white bass -- still manages to stick out as he swaggers around the stage. He even joins in on vocals, sharing the microphone with the Guns guys like he's been playing with them all along.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to point out the amazing pyrotechnics that are part of the GN'R stage act these days. Those fireballs look pretty badass! And Axl himself sounds pretty good too, don't you think?

Watch Duff Rock Out 'You Could Be Mine' With Guns N' Roses:

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