Guns N' Roses' official website has undergone a potentially prophetic – or possibly meaningless – update. Nearly everything from the site's former design, including five of the eight main navigation sections, has been removed in favor of a big splashy image of the band's famous classic-era "bullet" logo.

As notes, this change could be seen as another clue that some or all of the band's Appetite for Destruction-era lineup is reuniting. Their report goes on to note that the group are rumored to be among the headliners of next year's Coachella festival, the initial lineup of which is expected to be announced on January 5.

It's also entirely possible that Guns N' Roses' only remaining founding member, singer Axl Rose, is merely re-instating that logo without reuniting with Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin or Steven Adler. Or that this is just a placeholder for a new site design. Heck, a conspiracy-minded reporter might even think that Rose was just messing with the press by making us work on what's supposed to be a day off.

All this reunion talk heated up back in August, when Slash revealed that he and Rose were friends again, burying the hatchet after years in disagreement. That plus the departure of two of the band's most recent guitarists, DJ Ashba and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thai, has prompted six months of reunion rumors – again, none of which is based on any official comment or confirmation from the band – fueled by everything from promoter and peer speculation to a new line of band merchandise featuring the faces of the original lineup.

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