In a scary scene reminiscent of Metallica frontman James Hetfield's 1992 Montreal accident, 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford's hair caught on fire during a show in London last night when he got too close to the band's on-stage pyrotechnics.

As you can see from the video above, a quick burst of flame hit Clifford's hair during the climactic moments of a song, causing smoke to billow from his head – never a good sign – and sending him scampering towards the back of the stage for assistance.

According to Popcrush, the popular Australian pop group were forced to cut their Wembley Arena concert short as Clifford was rushed to the hospital after the accident. Luckily, the guitarist has already let his fans know he's going to be alright via an admirably humorous Twitter post comparing his temporary new look to Batman villain Two-Face, which you can find below.

Hetfield famously suffered second and third degree burns to his arm during the August 8, 1992 Montreal stop on Metallica's co-headlining bill with Guns N' Roses. “During ‘Fade to Black,’ I’m up there playing the part," he remembered during the band's Behind the Music special, "and all these colored flames are going off. I’m a little confused on where I should be — I walk forward, I walk back, the pyro guy doesn’t see that I’ve walked back there, and [makes whooshing noise] colored flame goes right up under me.”

Metallica was forced to stop the show, and a riot broke out later in the night when Guns N' Roses were also unable to perform their full set due to Axl Rose's vocal difficulties. Hetfield returned to the tour three weeks later in a vocal-only role, with Metal Church's John Marshall filling in on rhythm guitar while the Metallica star's arm healed.

Metallica Looks Back on James Hetfield's Pyrotechnics Accident

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