Deadheads and wine -- what a combo!

Wines That Rock has added a Grateful Dead red blend to their repertoire of rock-themed libations.

The Dead wine joins a collection that includes Rolling Stones 'Forty Licks Merlot' and 'Woodstock Chardonnay'; The Police 'Synchronicity Red Blend'; and Pink Floyd’s 'The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon.'  The Grateful Dead beverage is called 'Steal Your Face Red Blend.'

Wines That Rock began releasing rock-inspired drinks in 2009, and a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold are donated to the T.J. Martell Foundation, which raises money for leukemia, AIDS and cancer research. So you can consume for good cause.

Wines That Rock are crafted by Mendocino Wine Co. winemaker Mark Beaman. The process for making 'Steal Your Face' is rooted in the past and in the Dead's legendary live shows. The makers listened to and discovered the vibe and intricacies of the band during the multi-night performance at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom in 1974.

"To capture the essence of the live energy for Grateful Dead’s 'Steal Your Face,' we chose to meld several varietals (wines made primarily from a single named grape variety) into one," said Beaman. "Just as the band members would segue through various musical styles, this wine’s far reaching flavors melt seamlessly from one to the next. In honor of the Grateful Dead’s famous improvisational concerts that have brought joy to so many, this wine celebrates diversity and freedom of experimentation."

Wow, who knew making a rock-influenced wine would be so intricate and so inspired by the notes and the players! This wine isn't about slapping a label on and branding a generic wine with the band's name and legacy. The band's legacy inspired the actual beverage. That in and of itself pushes it to the top of our list of wines to sip.

Co-founders Ron Roy and Howard Jackowitz have a rich rock 'n' roll history, as the pair originally partnered with RZO and David Bowie in 1997 to create UltraStar Entertainment, the world’s largest online fan club company, which pioneered fan club ticketing and online artist communities. UltraStar’s clients range from the New York Yankees (editor's note: booooooo!) to AC/DC."

"As Wines That Rock continues to grow its portfolio of well-priced, award-winning wines and expanding retail distribution throughout North America and Europe, we felt it was only appropriate to introduce a varietal that represents one of the most important moments in our music history and celebrate one of that era’s most influential bands," said Roy. “Grateful Dead encompass so much of what the '60s and '70s meant to our culture through music, and were truly the first band to establish a worldwide sense of community through their live shows – they were really all about the experience. With Grateful Dead, we have found the perfect partner."

The Grateful Dead “Steal Your Face Red Blend” is currently available for order here, where you can choose from variety packs, and at more than 1,500 retail locations worldwide. Drink up.

And we thought Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream was the best representation of Grateful Dead outside of music and in the consumable world.

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