Even the best and brightest among us occasionally look back and wish we'd done things differently, so it's no surprise that Grace Slick has a regret or two.

As has so often been the case over the years, the former Jefferson Airplane singer doesn't necessarily conform to expectations when asked to name the things she'd change. You might think she'd have "drunkenly insulting the crowd at a German concert" or "getting into an armed confrontation with the cops" near the top of her personal delete button wish list — or perhaps recording "We Built This City" — but those didn't even rate a mention when the subject came up during an interview with Counterpunch.

As pointed out in a new Dangerous Minds post, Slick noted she has a pretty clear conscience. "There aren’t too many regrets, because I did pretty much what I wanted to do," she said, but was willing to divulge two major ones: "The things I wish I did do that I did not do were screw Jimi Hendrix and ride a horse."

It's definitely worth mentioning that this interview took place in 2009, but Slick's sentiment is one worth celebrating each and every day. If we can all get to our golden years and wish for nothing more than having slept with a rock legend and ridden a horse, we're doing pretty well, right? "Now, as an old person, I don’t have these huge regrets. Mine are fairly minor," laughed Slick. "They have to do with drinking and screwing, so that’s not all that important."

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