When Genesis teased fans with the promise of "exciting news" to be announced on Aug. 22, speculation ran wild; given that former members recently participated in an upcoming retrospective documentary, some hoped that the dormant band would be springing back to life for new music or a reunion tour. As it turns out, the announcement had nothing to do with either of those things -- and some fans are unhappy as a result.

Instead, the group's news relates to 'R-Kive,' an upcoming three-disc box that chronologically surveys hits and fan favorites across the Genesis discography while adding in noteworthy cuts from the various members' solo careers. It's due Sept. 22 in the U.K., with an international release reportedly to follow Sept. 29. Universal Music, the label behind the release, proudly reminds buyers that "Genesis and their associated solo projects have accumulated a remarkable series of accomplishments over the years. They’ve collectively amassed an incredible 14 chart-topping albums, as well as over two dozen more that reached the top 10. In total, Genesis and the members’ related solo projects have sold more than 300 million albums worldwide."

With the Genesis box set market already fairly well saturated, this news was bound to come as something of a disappointment to many fans. Indeed, as Consequence of Sound points out, many have taken to the band's Facebook page to express their displeasure with comments such as "So the big announcement turns out to be [a] lazy cash in where I get the chance to buy the stuff I already have in new packaging."

But those fans can at least look forward to continued and/or renewed solo activity from a number of former band members -- including Phil Collins, who's rumored to be inching toward a tour, and Mike Rutherford, who will return to the road with his Mike & the Mechanics project next year.

Genesis 'R-Kive' Track Listing
Disc 1
'The Knife' from 'Trepass' (1970)
'The Musical Box' from 'Nursery Cryme' (1971)
'Supper's Ready' from 'Foxtrot' (1972)
'The Cinema Show' from 'Selling England by the Pound' (1973)
'I Know What I Like' from 'Selling England by the Pound' (1973)
'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' from 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' (1974)
'Back in N.Y.C.' from 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' (1974)
'The Carpet Crawlers' from 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway' (1974)
'Ace of Wands' from Steve Hackett's 'Voyage of the Acolyte' (1975)

Disc 2
'Ripples' from 'A Trick of the Tail' (1976)
'Afterglow' from 'Wind & Wuthering' (1976)
'Solsbury Hill' from Peter Gabriel's first self-titled album (1977)
'Follow You Follow Me' from 'And Then There Were Three' (1978)
'For a While' from Tony Banks' 'A Curious Feeling' (1979)
'Every Day' from Steve Hackett's 'Spectral Mornings' (1979)
'Biko' from Peter Gabriel's third self-titled album (1980)
'Turn It On Again' from 'Duke' (1980)
'In the Air Tonight' from Phil Collins' 'Face Value' (1981)
'Abacab' from 'Abacab' (1981)
'Mama' from 'Genesis' (1983)
'That's All' from 'Genesis' (1983)
'Easy Lover' (Phil Collins and Philip Bailey duet, originally released in 1984)
'Silent Running' from Mike + The Mechanics' self-titled album (1985)

Disc 3
'Invisible Touch' from 'Invisible Touch' (1986)
'Land of Confusion' from 'Invisible Touch' (1986)
'Tonight Tonight Tonight' from 'Invisible Touch' (1986)
'The Living Years' from Mike + The Mechanics' 'Living Years' (1989)
'Red Day on Blue Street' from Tony Banks's 'Still' (1991)
'I Can't Dance' from 'We Can't Dance' (1991)
'No Son of Mine' from 'We Can't Dance' (1991)
'Hold On My Heart' from 'We Can't Dance' (1991)
'Over My Shoulder' from Mike + The Mechanics' 'Beggar on a Beach of Gold' (1995)
'Calling All Stations' from 'Calling All Stations' (1997)
'Signal to Noise' from Peter Gabriel's 'Up' (2002)
'Wake Up Call' from Phil Collins' 'Testify' (2002)
'Nomads' from Steve Hackett's 'Out of the Tunnel's Mouth' (2009)
'Siren' from Tony Banks' 'Six: Pieces of Orchestra' (2012)

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