Kiss bassist Gene Simmons says there is no phony script or pandering to television cameras on the "set" of his reality television show. The rocker even goes as far as to say the show is therapy - for him!

In a recent interview with Postmedia News, Simmons admits that his spare-no-details, open book lifestyle hasn't always worked for his family, but "It forces myself and the family to confront issues that would normally be hidden."

Simmons' proposal to common-law wife Shannon Tweed closed the sixth season of A&E's 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' earlier this week. Fans have to stay tuned for season seven to see how she reacts, but as Ultimate Classic Rock reported yesterday, it doesn't look good.

People Magazine reports that Tweed, the model and mother of Simmons' two children, admitted it's been a bumpy ride since the "Demon" proposed months ago. She also says she'd moved out of the house and didn't have much hope for a happy reconciliation.

"We've been together 28 years," Simmons responds, "and I don't know of a single highway you can drive on that doesn't have bumps in the road....if you care enough about somebody, you confront those issues."

"The TV show, for me, is medicinal. I'm able to watch it and realize that I'm not aware how I come off. None of us are, really. If you can be a fly on the wall and watch yourself, sometimes (you'll find out) you're an a--hole. I can be short, I can be impolite and not be aware of it, and it certainly hurts people's feelings, especially those of Shannon and the kids. By watching the show, it's good for us. It's good for me, that's for sure."

The best place to find the latest on the high-profile couple's relationship status seems to be Tweed's Twitter page, where she shares that it was not, in fact, an engagement ring on her left hand during the finale's confessional couch interviews, and that Simmons' proposal was the most shocking moment of her life. The family has been making a number of media appearances together, so there's little doubt that this isn't all we'll hear of the Simmons' family drama before next season.

Watch Gene Simmons Propose to Shannon Tweed

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