When looking at the biggest rock stories from 2018, it’s easy to focus on the more depressing topics: the departure of Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac, the death of Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul and the plethora of artists who announced farewell tours were all worthy of shedding a tear. But this isn’t about those headline grabbing stories, this is about humor - a severely under appreciated element needed to get through times of turmoil.

Yes, 2018 had its fair share of somber stories, but for every report about a legendary guitar company going bankrupt, there was a Foo Fighters prank to lift our spirits. And when the continuing battle between rockers and President Donald Trump hit a boiling point, there was the laughable tale of five-time Grammy winner Michael McDonald watching himself while stoned to quell our rage.

Scientific studies have shown that laughter can help reduce a person's stress, release endorphins in the body and even improve your sex life. So as UCR takes you through 2018’s Funniest Rock Stories, don't think of it is a list. Think of it as a benefit to your health:

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