Freddie Mercury was a total rock star, and the lead singer of Queen, one of the most influential bands to ever grace the stage. Now, that influence seems to have extended to one of comedy's biggest film icons.

Imagine our astonishment when we came across this photo of Freddie and realized that he and Jim Carrey's character in 'The Cable Guy' look exactly alike! It's such a striking resemblance that it's hard to believe it was just pure coincidence -- it's much easier to believe that Mr. Ace Ventura, like the rest of us, likes to get his 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on from time to time.

We know Sacha Baron Cohen is in line to play Mercury in an upcoming feature film, but if for some reason he decides to make 'Borat 2' instead, we think Carrey could fill in quite nicely. Do you agree with us?

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