Frank Zappa fans can now pre-order a special four-disc set, 'Carnegie Hall,' featuring two full-length shows performed on one 1971 night at New York's famous venue by Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Billed as a "musical marathon," the recordings are the first ever released of that night's shows.

The show featured Zappa on lead guitars and vocals, Mark Volman on vocals and percussion, Howard Kaylan on vocals, Ian Underwood on keyboards and alto sax, Don Preston on keyboards and gong -- yes, really, remember, it was the '70s -- Jim Pons on bass and vocals, and Aynsley Dunbar on drums.

“We tweaked and we tweezed and did everything possible to be certain this does not sound like a breakfast cereal gone mad somewhere in the Van Allen Belt," Gail Zappa, Frank's widow, said of the set. "I am happy to say The Mud Shark Legend Continues.”

Gail Zappa also contributed extensive liner notes offering details of the shows, which are “recorded live in glorious MONO." She also noted they “represent the ONLY time Frank Zappa, with or without the Mothers of Invention, appeared at Carnegie Hall.

Promoter Ron Delsener, who had to convince the venue’s booker that Frank Zappa was “a very accomplished classical musician of several wind instruments like the cello, viola and harp" in order to book the show, added that fans that order the set should “enjoy genius and smile, Frank is smilin’ at you.”

For more information, go to the Zappa Family Trust's website.

Frank Zappa 'Carnegie Hall' Track Listing:

Disc 1


1. 'I Just Can’t Work No Longer'
2. 'Working All The Live Long Day/Chain Gang'
3. 'Medley #1'
4. 'Pieces Of A Man'
5. 'Buffalo Soldier'
6. 'Medley #2'
7. 'Medley #3'

8. 'Hello (To Foh)/Ready?!'
9. 'Call Any Vegetable'
10. 'Anyway The Wind Blows'
11. 'Magdalena'
12. 'Dog Breath'

Disc 2


1. 'Peaches En Regalia'
2. 'Tears Began To Fall'
3. 'Shove It Right In'
4. 'King Kong'
5. '200 Motels Finale'
6. 'Who Are The Brain Police?'

Disc 3


1. 'Auspicious Occasion'
2. 'Divan Persist Of: Once Upon A Time'
3. 'Sofa #1'
4. 'Magic Pig'
5. 'Stick It Out'
6. 'Divan Ends Here'
7. 'Pound For A Brown'
8. 'Sleeping In A Jar'
9. 'Wonderful Wino'
10. 'Sharleena 1979'
11. 'Cruising For Burgers'

Disc 4


1. 'Billy The Mountain'
2. 'Billy The Mountain'
3. 'Billy The Mountain'
4. 'The $600 Mud Shark Prelude'
5. 'The Mud Shark'


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